Tuesday, January 7, 2014

CLARE DOLAN: 21st Century Cantastoria

Clare Dolan is a nurse, puppeteer, veteran of the Bread and Puppet Theater, and Chief Operating Philosopher at the Museum of Everyday Life. 

She is a 21st century pioneer of the ancient art of cantastoria. Cantastoria is the Italian word for "picture story recitation," a tradition with roots in ancient India and branches everywhere, which she has performed all over the world. Provocative, fun and engaging for all ages, Dolan will be making an essential contribution to the Eco-Music Tour.

Bridging the Vermont traditions of sustainability and social justice with the traditions of the Civil Rights and Black Liberation Movements, she will present a new Cantastoria work on the revolutionary life and work of Cal Massey.

Here is a video of her performing a cantastoria about climate change and superstorms at the second ecosocialist convergence in Northampton, Massachusetts. Titled: The Hurricane Manifesto!


For more about the Museum of Everyday Life, please visit:  www.museumofeverydaylife.org

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